Daily Announcements

Monday,  October 19,  2017 Daily Announcements:

  1. Academic Support is with Mark J today


  1. There is an ACT Prep meeting today at lunch in Matt’s room


  1. Attention all Science Olympiaders: Because we missed practice on Monday we will be having practice after school today. I know it is short notice but if you can make it, please do!


  1. Attention Drivers! If you will be driving for school activities or the upcoming bowling day, you will need to fill out a form as well as bring Amy your driver’s license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance. See Amy with questions.


  1. The Fall Dance will be on November 3! Ticket sales will begin Monday, October 23!


  1. Penny Wars will begin on October 30th!


  1. There will be a Key Club meeting THIS FRIDAY, Oct. 20!